• JMB Modular Buildings Shepparton Home

    JMB believes modular building is the way of the future. We specialise in building architecturally inspiring, eco-friendly modular homes and buildings of varying sizes and uses. The JMB Modular Buildings team enjoys the challenge of building the “unbuildable” to the highest standard.

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  • What Is Modular Construction? Modular Building Institute

    What is Modular Construction? Modular construction is a process in which a building is constructed off-site, under controlled plant conditions, using the same materials and designing to the same codes and standards as conventionally built facilities – but in about half the time.

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  • Modular building - Wikipedia

    Modular buildings and modular homes are prefabricated buildings or houses that consist of repeated sections called modules. "Modular" is a construction method that involves constructing sections away from the building site, then delivering them to the intended site. Installation of the prefabricated sections is completed on site.

  • Modular Building Systems - Leaders in Modular Construction

    MBS are Australia's experts in design, off-site modular construction, site works installation. We build classrooms, buildings, prison cells more.

  • Modscape Modular Homes Prefab Commercial Buildings ...

    MODULAR BUILDINGS. Innovative, beautiful modular architecture. Designed and built for you. Fixed cost. Fixed timeframe. Each project is designed specifically for your spatial requirements, budget and site. Design and finish options are limitless, but every design is the result of genuine collaboration with you. We operate from our modular ...

  • Modular Transportable Buildings Ausco

    Ausco are Australia’s leading provider of modular and transportable building solutions. If you'd like any more information, contact our friendly team on 13 62 11.

  • Modular Building Institute

    Award Winning Buildings. Commercial modular construction is helping owners, developers, architects, engineers, and contractors design, build, and manage space faster. The accelerated schedule of modular construction delivers buildings up to 90% complete to sites that been prepared during factory construction, cutting overall construction time ...

  • Marathon Modular - Modular Buildings - Portable

    The high quality of the buildings needs to be mentioned also as a contributing factor to the success of the project. It is with great pleasure that we recommend Marathon Modular Group for their design, construction and delivery capabilities of modular buildings.

  • Motel Tourism Modular Building Systems

    Unlike the linear process used with conventional construction, iBuild's modular building system enables construction stages to occur simultaneously rather than in sequence. As a result, site work and off site construction of the building happen at the same time, which cuts the construction time line in

  • Modular Homes Prefab Homes Ecoliv Sustainable

    Ecoliv design and construct award-winning modular prefabricated homes and commercial buildings. Established in 2008, to meet a need in the market for a truly sustainable building option, our team specialises in creating architecturally sophisticated, environmentally responsible, affordable and resource-efficient buildings.


    A KLMSA modular building is built off-site at our Production Facility. This controlled environment allows us to overcome weather conditions and other possible onsite delay issues. There is minimal on-site construction time which means less disruption to the daily operation of your site.

  • Lego Modular Buildings - Wikipedia

    Modular Buildings is a series of Lego building toy sets introduced in 2007 and new sets are usually released annually. Created in response to feedback and suggestions from the Adult Fans of Lego (AFOL) and Teen Fans of Lego (TFOL) communities, the sets in this series are generally intended for more advanced builders.

  • Our Modular Buildings - BlueSky Modular Buildings

    Modular building techniques have come along way since their introduction. Modular buildings are no longer the demountable buildings you may have known from the past. Modern modular buildings meet high architectural and buildings standards – and feature every modern inclusion. They are often referred to as transportable buildings, portable ...

  • BlueSky Modular Buildings - Quality Portable Buildings ...

    We locally manufacture modular buildings including site offices, demountable classrooms, portable toilets/shower blocks, site sheds and more.Our construction method delivers your new space sooner, with customised options available for increased energy efficiency, comfort and style.

  • Prefab Transportable Modular Homes - Anchor Homes

    With over 25 years of experience in the building industry, our family business is renowned for high quality homes and fast build times. Our prefab modular homes are built in our manufacturing facility and installed on site in around 16 weeks.

  • Eastcoast Homes Park Cabins Granny Flats, Modular ...

    Eastcoast Homes Park Cabins. Eastcoast Homes Park Cabins are QLD's and NSW' number one manufacturer of transportable buildings, including modular, demountable, relocatable, Mining Accommodation, Park Cabins, Relocatable Homes, Granny Flats, Family Accommodation and Commercial Buildings.

  • Prebuilt Residential – Australian prefab homes, factory ...

    Prebuilt integrates efficient, economical, design-led architecture with Australian modular prefab construction. Whether we are creating a modest country weekender or a landmark home in an expensive street, each of our prefab homes is architect-designed, built undercover and transported in modules across Australia.

  • 5 key benefits of modular construction Major Projects ...

    22/05/2015  From the efficiency to the ease of build, it's no surprise that modular construction is sweeping the country. More and more commercial contractors and residential homebuilders are adopting for modular construction and for good reason. Here are just a few reasons why going modular is gaining popularity in the construction industry: 1. Modular Construction on the Rise

  • CIMC Modular Building Systems

    CIMC Modular Building Systems Holdings Co.Ltd. The rising demand for construction in recent years is due to clients' requirements for speed of construction, improved quality and for early return of

  • Modular construction contracts Lavan

    Modular construction. Modular construction of hotels, apartments and other buildings comprising numerous identical rooms has been popular in Europe for some time. Building projects using modular construction are now being considered in Perth. Anecdotal evidence is to the effect that modular construction will be similar in cost to traditional ...

  • Prefab Commercial Buildings - Modscape - Modular

    Modscape is dedicated to creating, building and delivering innovative, functional, modular architecture for commercial clients across Australia. With vast experience in modular commercial construction and a passion for design-led solutions, Modscape is a revolutionary alternative to the traditional process of building. Our in-house design team ...

  • Can modular homes solve the UK's housing crisis ...

    6/08/2019  Modular housing is on the brink of a major milestone. Construction is under way of the world’s tallest towers built using modular manufacturing, a method by

  • The ultimate guide to modular construction

    Modular construction is the method by which a building or home is constructed offsite, within a factory setting. Whilst traditional construction is a process whose primary elements are constructed onsite, modular techniques allow for the construction of individual modules to be carried out offsite, the finished units are then transported to the development site for installation.

  • Modular construction - SteelConstructionfo

    ‘Modular construction’ is a term used to describe the use of factory-produced pre-engineered building units that are delivered to site and assembled as large volumetric components or as substantial elements of a building. The modular units may form complete rooms, parts of rooms, or separate highly serviced units such as toilets or lifts ...

  • Permanent Modular School Buildings Program

    Our Permanent Modular School Buildings Program is a modern and efficient solution for delivering quality buildings in short timeframes. Architecturally designed, our permanent modular buildings are constructed offsite in modules - minimising disruptions to students, staff and learning programs.

  • Modular vs. Conventional Home Building – Pros and

    If you’ve decided to build a new home, one of the first choices to make is whether you’ll opt for a modular home or a conventionally built one. In this article, we’ll share 7 key considerations to help you compare construction methods and find the right fit for your project.

  • Modular construction - SteelConstructionfo

    ‘Modular construction’ is a term used to describe the use of factory-produced pre-engineered building units that are delivered to site and assembled as large volumetric components or as substantial elements of a building. The modular units may form complete rooms, parts of rooms, or separate highly serviced units such as toilets or lifts ...

  • Modular Buildings Jobs (with Salaries) Indeed

    Modular Buildings jobs now available. Drafter, Interpreter, Human Resources Specialist and more on Indeed

  • Steel Modular Construction Z Modular

    For Modular Construction The Only Way To Build® Planning a modular construction project? When comparing construction methods, the choice is clear.Z Modular's steel modular construction system allows you to build stronger, taller and faster than you ever thought possible.

  • Off-Site and Modular Construction Explained WBDG -

    Modular buildings, temporary and permanent, may be manufactured as structural units that make up the structure of the building once assembled on-site. Non-structural modular such as factory fitted bathroom or service pods can be placed within a larger modular superstructure or in traditional construction

  • Welcome to Systembuilt

    35+ years in modular construction of transportable homes, local bases in Adelaide and Hobart, 19 prefab home designs to choose from – we'll build your new home!

  • biancomodular Bianco Modular Buildings

    We partner with our engineers and tradesmen to bring you commercial and residential building solutions tailored to your needs. Stackable and customisable, we work with some of the biggest companies in the world with the capacity to produce up to 400 modular buildings per month.

  • Modular Homes, Modular Buildings, Steel Framing

    Modular Homes, Modular Buildings, Steel Framing. Aussie Modular Solutions (AMS) designs, engineers, manufactures, transports and installs modular buildings and prefabricated modular homes for the mining, resource, commercial and residential sectors.

  • Modular construction: From projects to products McKinsey

    For decades, construction has lagged behind other sectors in productivity. Modular construction offers the industry an opportunity to make a step change: shifting many aspects of building activity away from traditional construction sites and into factories with off-site, manufacturing-style production.

  • Modular Solutions For Building Construction Ausco

    From outback construction projects to urban developments, hiring a modular building from Ausco Modular offers a reliable solution that meets the needs of your site. These buildings can be easily moved from one site to the next or expanded as your project does, saving you time and money.

  • Modular Building Solutions - CCS

    This framework provides the public sector with a simple, low-cost way to address their modular building requirements. It offers an alternative to traditionally built accommodation and public sector customers will be able to buy or lease modular buildings designed and fabricated to their particular specification.


    When we get your inquiries, we will send tailored catalogue, pricelist, delivery, payment terms and other required details to you by email within 24 hours.

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    • Barite
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