• Gate, Globe Check Valve Rev.1 - Trueline

    Minor scratches should be removed by lapping with emery paste with the help of body seat lapping fixture. BALL VALVE ASSEMBLY AND MAINTENANCE PROCEDURE GATE, GLOBE AND CHECK VALVES ASSEMBLY AND MAINTENANCE PROCEDURE REF. DOC.MMM.GGCH2920 Rev. 1 – March 2009 7 If the scratches are deep which cannot be removed by lapping, further machining may be

  • Orbit valve grinding and lapping machine.mov - YouTube

    10/02/2011  V-Tec Orbit portable grinding and lapping machine for gate-, parallel slide-, check-, globe and safety valves.

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  • Gate valve lapping - YouTube

    11/10/2017  🔥 The First Lesson of Welding - Learn to Run a Straight Bead (Everlast PowerTIG 200DV) - Duration: 12:41. Weld 3,770,395 views

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    through 12 and continue with the lapping procedure using the “P” compound in step 13. Step 15: As part of the final inspection, measure the nozzle seat width with the 7x measuring magnifier according to the valve manufacturer’s instructions, if any. SUCCESS STRATEGIES Keep the following in mind when lapping valve discs or nozzle seats:

  • Types of Gate Valve and Parts - A Complete Guide for

    What is Gate Valve? A gate valve can be defined as a type of valve that used a gate or wedge type disk and the disk moves perpendicular to flow to start or stop the fluid flow in piping. A gate valve is the most common type of valve that used in any process plant. It is a linear motion valve used to start or stop fluid flow. In service, these ...

  • How To: Lapping Safety Valves - Kemet

    Kemet Diamond Lapping machines are ideally suited for lapping and repairing safety valves. The safety valve seat can be easily and reproducible be lapped in under 5 minutes using our diamond technology. Flat parts are produced meaning that there will be no seal leakage.The process can be applied to almost any material including bronze ...


    C. REPAIR OF GATE VALVES . 1. Valve Disassembly. Have replacement gasket available. Shut off line pressure and remove valve from line. Unwedge the disc. Remove bonnet bolting and carefully lift bonnet assembly with disc from body. 2. Procedure for Lapping Disc. Apply Grade 80 or 120 emery cloth to flat surface. Lay disc face on abrasive and use

  • Lapping Safety Valves, Gate Valves Ball Valves - Kemet

    Lapping Valves, Safety Valves, Gate Valves and Ball Valves. Gate Valves. Kemet have developed a system for lapping tungsten coated gate valves to better than 2 light band flatness in under 10 minutes with reproducible results. Ball Valves. Kemet have developed a special spherical ball polisher which is ideally suited for lapping and polishing ball valves up to 20" diameter. Larger ball valve ...


    Gate Valves ... Lubricate the spindle-threading portion and operate the valve 2/3 times. Procedure for repairs to seat and wedge/plug surface: In case the leakage persists, open the body/bonnet joints and see if there is damage on the wedge surface. To repair this type of damage following procedure is to be adopted. For repairs by deposition of 13% chrome by arc welding the thickness of layer ...

  • Weir Power Industrial

    Weir Power IndustrialFirst choice for power and industrial protection 5 Hopkinsons FULL BORE VENTURI PARALLEL SLIDE GATE VALVES PI-0309 Volume production of gate valves for low/ medium general purpose industrial duties. Full bore parallel slide gate valves in low carbon steel for a nuclear power plant. The Hopkinsons Full Bore Venturi ...

  • Product Support 030605 - Steam Forum

    INDEX Hopkinsons 2 Weir Valves ControlsFirst choice for process protection WVC-HOP001-R0 Weir Valves Controls 4 The Hopkinson Story 6 - 17 Company Milestones 18 Boiler Mountings Valves 18 Parallel Slide Gate Valves (a) Operating Design Features 19 - 20 (b) Product Application 20 (c) Hopkinsons Product Range Features 20 (d) Valve Construction 20 (i) Back Seating

  • LGHT,gate valve lapping procedure

    b. lubrication and maintenance of crane gate and globe valves 2 - 4 1. lubrication 2. maintenance (packing gland) 3. maintenance (injection type) c. repair of gate valves 2 - 3 1. valve disassembly 2. procedure for lapping disc 3. procedure for lapping seat ring 4. procedure for making up bonnet joint 5. reassembly d. repair of globe valves 3 1.


    b. lubrication and maintenance of crane gate and globe valves 2 - 4 1. lubrication 2. maintenance (packing gland) 3. maintenance (injection type) c. repair of gate valves 2 - 3 1. valve disassembly 2. procedure for lapping disc 3. procedure for lapping seat ring 4. procedure for making up bonnet joint 5. reassembly d. repair of globe valves 3 1 ...

  • VALVE REPAIR EQUIPMENT Products - Ventil

    valve repair equipment back to valve test repair equipment. polir. hand-controlled, battery driven grinding and lapping machine for flat and conical seats. more. orbit. portable grinding and lapping machine for gate, parallel slide, check and safety and globe valves. more. pro-dual. stationary grinding and lapping machine. more. titan. transportable facing machine. more . profile. high speed ...

  • Valve Lapping and Grinding Equipment - Dupill Group

    Valve Lapping and Grinding Equipment. The LarsLap valve lapping system comprises a number of basic models that cover virtually every type of valve, from 1/4" to 52" (8mm - 1300 mm) in diameter. The patented LarsLap technology uses a mechanically driven system whereby the rotating drive head incorporates individually driven grinding wheels to ...

  • VM1150 or VM1200 Gate Valve Grinding Lapping -

    Home > Products > Valve Repair Machines > Valve Grinding Lapping Machines > VM1150 or VM1200 Gate Valve Grinding Lapping VM1150, VM1200 GATE VALVE GRINDING LAPPING Available in six configurations, able to grind and lap gate and check valve seats and resurface seat areas to original manufacturer specifications or better.

  • valve grinding procedure - girodesardennes.nl

    Gate Valve Lapping Procedure - smetjeskelderbe. valve grinding procedure - greenrevolutionorgin What is the procedure for grinding valves on a 185 Honda trx Believe me, if the valves are not ground to the , live chat; How To Lap Valves - restore-an-old-car

  • Operation and Maintenance of different valve types

    The common overhaul procedure of a plate valve is: • Pre-cleaning of dirty valves. Some valves out of HPI compressors need special cleaning methods. • Dismantling • Visual inspection and dimensional check • Cleaning – sand blasting etc. if necessary • Crack detection – spot check • Inspection of valve guard for further use. • Rework of sealing lips of valve seat. Lapping or ...


    It is recommended that the face of the disc be blued to check for contact of seating surface after final lapping. For re-assembly of valves use the procedure outlined under para. 2.4. STORAGE, INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE PROCEDURES GATE VALVE “O.S.” “Y” (CONTINUED)

  • What Every Ship's Junior Engineer Should Know about

    This article is about globe valves, the different types of valves, their characteristics and classifications. It explains the maintenance procedures, the dismantling, overhauling, and the assembly of the valves. It also discusses the different procedures by which the globe valve should be tested. It illustrates the different parts of a globe valve with an illustration.

  • Valve Repair Machines Selection Guide Engineering360

    Another supported component is valves with tapered seats. Crosshatched grinding and lapping procedures achieve the desired seat flatness. Stationary Gate/Globe valve grinding and lapping: Sold as stand-alone units, such instruments offer single point machining in addition to the grinding and lapping capability. They are designed for ...

  • What is the Valve Seat Leak Test (Closure Test)?

    The valve seat leak test is performed after successful completion of valve shell test (Body Test). The test shall be performed based on the valve manufacturer approved valve seat leak test procedure. The most of these procedures are driven by the requirements of the API Std 598 and ASME B16.34

  • Ball Valve Repair 101 - Valve Magazine

    From time to time, we are re-posting well-received or particularly valuable articles that have previously run on VALVEMagazine so that those who might have missed them will be able to catch up on the best of the best. This article, “Ball Valve Repair 101” initially ran on June 23, 2014.


    GATE VALVE MAINTENANCE AND ADJUSTMENT PROCEDURE Valve Maintenance Manual 3 I. VITON GATE AND BONNET O-RING STD AND MSB 0.625” – 21” GATE VALVES A. Tools and Materials Required: 1. Allen Wrench for 1 ½”—14” Gate Valves 2. ½” Box Wrench for 16”—21” Gate Valves 3. O-Ring Pick 4. Rubber Gloves 5. Grease – Apezion L O-Ring ...

  • Sliding Gate Valves Schubert Salzer Control Systems

    Sliding gate valve – Efficiency. The outstanding feature of the sliding gate valve is the actuating force which is about just 10% of that needed to actuate a globe valve of the same nominal size and the same differential pressure. This permits the use of much smaller actuators even though both designs of the same nominal size have about the ...

  • procedure how to valve grinding - Mine Equipments

    AGK - Valve Lapping - Affordable Go Karts This is a great procedure to use on all types of engines. When rebuilding an engine, lapping the valves can restore their seal to the valve seat. Lapping the ...

  • Valve Grinding Lapping Machines - Climax Portable

    valve grinding lapping machines Lightweight for easy handling and installation, our valve grinding and lapping machines span working ranges for gate valves from 1.3 to 39.4 inches (32 to 1000 mm). During operation, you can quickly change grinding disks and adjust the grind pressure.

  • V6Z24 How-To - Valve Lapping

    What lapping does is makes the valves seat like new again. when the valve is closed and theres not a perfect seal you loose compression. Lapping the valves restores this. this is a great thing to do if your doing a hybrid since you will have the heads off anyways. on high mileage engines its recommended to take the valves in to be gound before ...

  • VALVe mAchInInG And TesTInG TechnoLoGY

    07 porTABLe GrIndInG LAppInG mAchInes unigrind VenTA options: • Lapping equipment (lapping paste and lapping disks) • Micro finishing film abrasives grit P80–1800 and 4000 • Working depth extensions • slight changes in working range • customized grinding tools • Additional tools for grinding gate valve seats with VenTA 150 in work shop

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  • Valve Lapping Tools Accessories Dupill Group

    The LarsLap patented valve lapping tools are a proven solution for in-line valve reconditioning. These portable, mechanically driven tools are available in four overlapping sizes that cover almost all types of valves, from 1/4" to 52" in diameter. The valve lapping equipment is versatile and offers exceptional ease of handling and operation.

  • EFCO USA, Inc. - Portable valve grinding/lapping

    Portable Valve Repair Testing Equipment for gate, globe, check, control safety valves other sealing surfaces: portable Flange Facer machines, Test Benches, Single Point Boring Machines, Gate Valve Grinders, Globe Valve Grinders, Lapping

  • Vtec Valve Lapping And Grinding Equipment

    valve grinding procedure skinzleather. VTEC Valve Lapping and Grinding Equipment. vtec valve lapping and grind equipment YouTube 13 May 2014 aggregate crushing value test procedure Next. Get Price. Profile Series STC Forniture. Profile Series High speed Grinding machine The profile machines are being used for onsite or in the workshop, VTEC NL Polakweg 6 2288 GE. Get Price. Equipment for Valve ...

  • Valve Lapping Instructions - WordPress

    Valve Lapping Instructions If you have any questions about these instructions, contact your Emerson Process Refer to the Lapping the Valve Seat procedure in this instruction manual. These speciality tools can be used to help with lapping. Otherwise you may use a soft faced mallet and valve lapping compound purchased from any small.

  • Manual No. 1878-DD INSTRUCTION MANUAL for ½ thru 2 1878 lb ...

    9.3 Lapping Procedure After the valve has been disassembled, a visual inspection of the seating surfaces of the Discs (004) and Seat Rings (013) can be made to determine if lapping is necessary to remove any minor scratches on these parts prior to assembling the valve. The following procedure should be followed:

  • Need of Lapping Machine for Valve Component: A Case

    NEED OF LAPPING FOR VALVE COMPONENT. Valve lapping is a essential part of maintenance work that often interrupt production work. Repairing leaking valve in industry is a laborious operation involving extended downtime, production losses and substantial unwanted cost. The given figure shows different parts of a gate valve. COMPONENT THAT REQUIRE ...

  • valve grinding procedure - greenrevolution.org

    INSTRUCTION MANUAL98 Кб. 2. Procedure for Lapping Disc and Body Seat Ring Apply a small amount of valve grinding compound all around the seat-bearing surface then place disc into port and lap with alternate rotary motion.

  • How to Rebuild a Gate Valve - DIY Guide for Piping ...

    Every so often, however, it may help to know how to rebuild a gate valve. Problems with gate valves are not common, but the one seen most often is when something gets lodged in the guides on the sides or bottom of the valve's body+. This can happen when a gate valve is left open for extended periods. Blocked gate pathways can lead to the valve ...


    to determine if scratches or minor imperfections can be corrected by lapping and/or replacement parts are necessary. (Refer to Paragraph 9.3 for lapping instructions.) 1888-lb. Double-Disc Gate Valve

  • Title Repair and overhaul valves Level 4 Credits 5 Purpose

    Title Repair and overhaul valves Level 4 Credits 5 Purpose People credited with this unit standard are able to: ... procedures and processes. 2 Safety of personnel and plant must be a priority throughout the assessment. If the safety requirements are not met the assessment must stop. 3 Performance and work practices in relation to the outcomes and performance criteria must comply with all ...


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